ABOUT Building Bridges in
Emergency Medicine

On behalf of DSEP, IFEM and the 22nd International Conference on Emergency Medicine (ICEM) Organising Committee, we can’t wait to welcome new and past attendees to a uniquely immersive gathering in the heart of Holland!

As emergency physicians, nurses, clinicians, and healthcare workers, we all have one thing in common — we believe healthcare is a universal right. Our priority is to make ICEM 2023 an experience for everyone to enjoy, collaborate, and contribute to better healthcare worldwide; uniting all who are invested in building bridges in emergency medicine. If you’re passionate about your career and are looking for a city that captivates you with its world-famous art, rich history, charm, grace, and beauty, then look no further than Amsterdam and ICEM 2023.

The program-at-a-glance is available!

Why Attend


You will have a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and discoveries to build bridges with all those attending from all over the world.


You can have the possibility to connect and unite with all those who are interested in building bridges in emergency medicine. We can be together again and connect in person.


You can expect an allround program, full of sessions regarding education, research, and further development in our field of expertise.


You will have the opportunity to visit Amsterdam, one of the most known capitals of Europe, also known as the Venice of the North and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


You will be able to participate in panel discussions with experts from all over the world. If you are interested in emergency medicine: this is the international event you can't miss.

LOCATION Discover Amsterdam

Join us in the heart of Holland, commonly known as “Venice of the North”, where you can experience the perfect blend of learning, innovation, content sharing, networking, and fun; all of that topped off with an authentic Dutch twist.

So, when you’re not in a session, get a chance to see what Amsterdam has to offer — whether it be one of its unique restaurants, a floating flower market, a storybook scenery, or world-class museums.

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11 October 2022

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13 March 2023

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