ABOUT Building Bridges in
Emergency Medicine

The 22nd International Conference on Emergency Medicine is an opportunity to collaborate and contribute to better healthcare around the world.

Our priority is to make ICEM 2023 an experience for everyone to enjoy, uniting all who are interested in building bridges in emergency medicine. Our goal is to create a space where the global emergency care community can learn, discuss and plan how to enrich emergency care (EC) education, research and practice and emergency medicine procedures. We aim to provide you with a program that will cover every aspect of emergency medicine.

Through our theme this year “Building Bridges” we want to connect the emergency medicine community from all over the world to exchange knowledge and learn from one another.

During the conference, you will have the opportunity to meet with our global community of emergency healthcare professionals and leading industry experts during four days of networking, exchanging knowledge, and just a whole lot of fun that only an Amsterdam conference can offer.

We can’t wait to welcome new and past attendees to a uniquely immersive gathering. If you are looking for exclusive learning opportunities in emergency care and its subspecialties, interactions with the world’s leading professionals, as well as an authentic Dutch experience — this Amsterdam conference is the place to be. We hope that during the conference you will find inspiration, connect with fellow emergency medicine professionals from around the world, and explore all there is to learn and experience in the heart of Amsterdam.

Join ICEM 2023. Join us in Amsterdam, from 13-16 of June 2023 to address a momentous matter, Building Bridges in Emergency Medicine.

Why Attend


You will have a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and discoveries to build bridges with all those attending from all over the world.


You can have the possibility to connect and unite with all those who are interested in building bridges in emergency medicine. We can be together again and connect in person.


You can expect an allround program, full of sessions regarding education, research, and further development in our field of expertise.


You will have the opportunity to visit Amsterdam, one of the most known capitals of Europe, also known as the Venice of the North and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.


You will be able to participate in panel discussions with experts from all over the world. If you are interested in emergency medicine: this is the international event you can't miss.