COVID-19 Information

While all coronavirus measures have been lifted in the Netherlands, advice on limiting the spread of the virus are still in place. The Dutch government are closely monitoring the situation and will take appropriate action when needed.

People entering the Netherlands from countries within the European Union/Schengen area can travel to the Netherlands without the need for a test, proof of recovery or proof of vaccination; however, there is an EU entry ban in effect for people from countries outside the European Union/Schengen area and that are not participating in the EU travel rules scheme.

Exemptions to the EU entry ban:

  • You are travelling from a ‘safe’ country.
  • You have a proof of vaccination or;
  • You have a proof of recovery

As of 23 March 2022, people travelling to the Netherlands are no longer required to show a negative test result.

All up to date information can be found via the official government website

To be well prepared for travel, visit, enter from which country you are travelling, and get an overview on what you need to arrange before entering the Netherlands.

VISA Information

Participants, attendees, and speakers that will not be working, performing or otherwise be paid to contribute at the event may be eligible to apply for the Short-stay Schengen visa (90 days or less).

More information on the Short-stay Schengen visa (90 days or less).

Entry into the Netherlands without a visa is dependent on your nationality. The Schengen Visa Advisor can help you determine whether you need a visa to travel to the Netherlands.

More information on entering the Netherlands without a visa.

Please be aware of visa processing times. Make sure to apply for a visa well in advance to your travel to the Netherlands.