The educational marketplace has been a learning activity at ICEMs since ICEM2014 in Hong Kong. Originally created by 2 paediatric emergency doctors (Drs Ffion Davies and Baljit Cheema), it’s purpose is to provide a fun educational activity where the learner has full control as to what they wanted to learn; resembling a flea market.


Once inside the marketplace, conference delegates can browse the marketplace stalls, like they would at Waterlooplein Market near Rembrandt House in Amsterdam.

If they like what they see, they can go up to the stall and ask about what the stall owners are selling. Only they are not selling products, they are selling “knowledge”.

The stall owners are members of IFEM groups with expertise in different areas of emergency medicine. If you learn something, you have had a successful visit to our marketplace.
The marketplace will be in the exhibition hall of the Rai Amsterdam. You can’t miss it (it’s near the food tables). It will be noisy and perhaps crowded, which is as it should be for a mad but fun marketplace.

There will be people at the entrance to the marketplace to help you if you have any questions.
The educational marketplace will be held during the lunch period of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and will go on a little after lunchtime for those who want to browse and shop a bit longer.

Eat as you browse! Each day will have different shop owners, so come and see who’s on for that day. There will be a poster at the entrance to the marketplace with the stalls of the day. There will be 6 stalls per day.
At the entrance, you will be given official “ICEM2023 money”, which can only be used at the marketplace. If you really like the stall, given them this money as tips.

Each stall will want as much tipping money as possible, so play along and get “value for money” from all the stall owners; they need to work for their tips, and they are happy to do so.

The stalls will be owned by members from the following IFEM groups:


  • IFEM Geriatric Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group
  • IFEM Trauma Special Interest Group


  • IFEM Paediatric Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group
  • IFEM Ultrasound Special Interest Group
  • IFEM Core Curriculum and Education Committee
  • IFEM Research Committee


  • IFEM Paediatric Emergency Medicine Special Interest Group
  • IFEM Ultrasound Special Interest Group
  • IFEM Informatics Special Interest Group
  • IFEM Disaster Medicine Special Interest Group
  • Gender Specific Issues Interest Group