Amsterdam has impressive public transport connections including metros, buses, trams, ferries, and trains. RAI Amsterdam can be easily reached via tram, metro, train, or bus from Amsterdam city centre, and vice versa.

The tram system is one of the quickest and most convenient ways to get in and around the city, with two tram stations being directly outside Amsterdam Central Station. Trams navigate into the city centre before branching outwards to the various neighbourhoods and districts of Amsterdam.
Amsterdam has a well-established metro system with four routes that are the fastest way to reach the various districts. The main metro station is located directly outside Amsterdam Central Station.

You can easily travel to and from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol and other districts with the train. The main train operator in the Netherlands is NS.

Amsterdam has an extensive bus network that connects all neighbourhoods, city areas and the outer Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. The major bus companies include the GVB, Connexxion and EBS. GVB primarily operates within the Amsterdam area.
You have the option to rent a bike in Amsterdam, a fun and convenient way of getting around the city. Some would even say riding a bike is an essential Amsterdam experience. Yellow Bike Rental is located within walking distance to Amsterdam Central Station, and one of the most well-known bike rental companies in Amsterdam. If you have the I Amsterdam City Card, then you can rent a bike for free for 24 hours (only possible once per card).

While all public transport has options to pay per ride with the use of debit/credit card (cash is not accepted on buses and trams), you can purchase one-hour, day or multi-day tickets for unlimited travel around Amsterdam via the GVB transport system. The most common way to pay for travel in the Netherlands is the OV Chip Card (OV-chipkaart).

For bus, train, tram and metro timetables, and route planners, download 9292, Connexxion or the NS app on your mobile phone. The Google Maps Route Planner is also a go-to for directions around the city.
You can easily spot licensed taxis, as they will always carry a roof light with the official taxxi logo, have a blue number plate and the name of their operator clearly stated. Be aware that taxis cannot be stopped anywhere in the city. You will need to locate a fixed taxi stand to hail a taxi or call an official taxi operator and give them your location of pickup.
  • Taxicentrale Amsterdam (TCA) (with online booking service) – 020 777 7777
  • Staxi (with online booking service) – 020 705 8888
  • Taxistad / Aemstel (with online booking service) – 020 208 0000
  • Taxi Direct Amsterdam (with online booking service) – 020 633 3333
  • TCS – 020-303 7200
  • Schipholtaxi, TCS and Cabbie (with online booking service) – 0900 900 6666
  • TAT (Stichting Take a Taxi)
All licensed taxi drivers are obligated to keep to official fares. Uber Amsterdam is also a viable option of transport in the city.