On Monday, 12 June 2023 several pre-courses will be organized. Registration for these pre-courses is not yet open, but you can already find preliminary information about the pre-courses below:

Information coming soon.

The management of life-saving procedures is a daily part of emergency medicine and urgent care. Let the Cadaver-Based Course take your practice to the next level.

Join our cadaver course specifically designed for critical and acute care providers! Learn from our internationally renowned and experienced faculty. Advance your skill set to provide your patients with the best possible outcome. At ICEM 2023 we will be hosting two cadaver based procedural learning modules.

Course directors: Titus Schonberger and Agon Vllasaliu
Cardiovascular disease accounts for more deaths in most first-world countries than any other cause. This number-one ranking has persisted for many years despite marked advances in preventive medicine, diagnostics, and therapeutics. Not only has this rank remained immobile, but the absolute number of deaths due to cardiac disease continues to rise. Most “experts” predict that this is not going to change in the near future. Therefore, if we in the health care field have any hope of changing these statistics, we must be optimally prepared to diagnose and treat these patients when they present with acute cardiovascular conditions or complications. The specialty of Emergency Medicine bears a great responsibility for the acute care of these patients. We must diagnose and initiate stabilizing treatment for patients with acute coronary syndromes, acute heart failure, pericarditis, myocarditis, dysrhythmias, and many other conditions; and we are frequently the key providers that determine the prognosis of patients presenting with cardiac arrest.  

In this pre-conference course, noted experts in emergency cardiology and education will teach you about many of these selected high-risk topics in emergency cardiology. Numerous clinical pearls and pitfalls will be provided. Following this course, your knowledge of these key points will help you improve patient care and save lives. 

Course Director: Amal Mattu

Confirmed Faculty:
  • Amal Mattu, (course director)
  • Leen Alblaihed
  • William Brady
  • Maite Huis in 't Veld
  • Bobbi-Jo Lowie
  • Spencer Lovegrove
  • Lloyd Tannenbaum
  • Semhar Tewelde

Care of trauma patients is a cornerstone of Emergency Medicine, highlighted by systems and teams that ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. Injured older people have higher mortality, longer intensive care stays, and longer hospital admissions than younger people after adjusting for injury severity. Even minor trauma for an older person can be associated with functional decline and loss of independence.  

This Geriatric Emergency Medicine (GEM) trauma course has an outstanding international faculty. We will explore a global perspective on GEM trauma, falls, head injuries, chest and pelvic injuries. We will also have hands-on skills such as nerve blocks and managing tricky skin lacerations in this cohort. Importantly, we will discuss things to consider in the resuscitation bay, like elder abuse, difficult conversations, shared decision-making, and goals of care.  

Our full day face to face course is designed to be as interactive with case discussions, important practice points to consider, understanding typical injuries and common trauma resuscitation pearls and pitfalls.  

We look forward to seeing you at the GEM trauma course!  

At this pre-course  delegates will learn about the psychological basis for gender bias and how this manifests within personal behaviour and language, in workplace interactions. We shall look at the ‘wicked problem’ of gender inequality and inequity, and provide delegates with key statistics in emergency medicine, both local and worldwide.

During the workshop, we will move through lectures, group discussions, role-playing and debates to explore effects of sexism on career progression, leadership and education in emergency medicine. We will learn the core principles of gender specific medicine and also look at actionable solutions to implement in our emergency departments to better serve patients of all genders. Each delegate will leave this workshop, equipped with essential knowledge on the subject, a toolkit of locally relevant solutions for advancing gender equality at their workplace, a network of like minded individuals and continued mentorship by the expert faculty on this course. 

Course director: Dr. Priyadarshini Marathe
The IFEM Research Committee, in collaboration with the Pediatric Emergency Research Network, is pleased to offer a research production pre-course at ICEM2023. Attendees are expected to view some online videos (details to be provided) prior to attendance at the workshop.

Attendees will be provided the opportunity with one-to-one meetings with experienced researchers to obtain expert advice and mentorship about how to improve their research ideas or projects about adult and/or pediatric emergency medicine. 

Confirmed Faculty:
  • Jonathan Knott
  • Silvia Bressan
  • Barbra Backus

Information coming soon.

This pre-course aims to provide emergency personnel the basic tools for screening, preparation and commencing PSA for the pediatric patient. We offer easy mnemonics and screening tips for those willing to provide safe PSA in their ED.

PSA can be complicated by the occurrence of adverse events. We believe that proper preparation and thorough training will aid in acting in difficult situations. Doctors need to be aware of and follow available local, national and international guidelines. The major part of the workshop will consist of scenario training, aiming to help the provider to get a quick, yet thorough, routine. To start a sedation and being prepared to tackle any adverse event that may come their way.

After an introduction and a short presentation, we will train with simulated patients in hands-on workshops. The participants will receive background information to prepare themselves in advance of the course.
An amazing international faculty welcomes you to the ultrasound pre course in the great city of Amsterdam.

From basic cardiac views and advanced nerve blocks to 'scan whatever you want' there will be something for everybody from rookie (Basic pre course) to pro (Advanced pre course)

Less Talking more scanning and lots of fun guaranteed.

Course director: Prem Sukul. Emergency Physician, The Netherlands